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London: Stratford Forestgate (246-250 Romford Road, Forestgate, E7 9HZ)

Duration : 13 days

General information about Close Protection qualification

  • Guided learning hours 140
  • Credit value 16
  • Days: 13 days
  • Close Protection £880

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Assessment method to include portfolio of evidence, physical tasks as well as multiple choice questions

We aim to provide you with solutions to obtain the cheapest close protection qualification in the UK. Cheap close protection training does not mean that we would compromise on quality. We intend to provide affordable training solution in these difficult times.

The close protection qualification linking to a SIA licence can be completed in a period of fifteen days. However you have to remember that in order to complete this qualification you would be required to demonstrate that you have dedication and commitment to finish the close protection training over a period of fifteen days.

Who should do the close protection training?

If you dream of working as a body guard i.e. close protection operative for celebrities and want to experience glamour of the rich and famous plus you have a passion for security, this is the qualification for you. After doing the close protection training you would be able to apply for the highly esteemed close protection licence from SIA which will allow you to work as a close protection officer in the United Kingdom, you may also escort and accompany celebrities and dignitaries to other countries.

How much can I earn?

After doing the close protection training you can earn up to £500 per day depending upon your experience and profile.

Qualification Overview of Close Protection Training

Level 3 qualifications in Close Protection have been developed by the awarding bodies to meet the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It is based on the relevant SIA Specifications for Learning and Qualifications and provides the learner with the necessary knowledge and understanding for those who wish to apply for an SIA licence and work as a Close Protection operative within the Private Security Industry

Entry requirements for Close Protection training

There are no restrictions however the learner should be 18 and above and have competency on English.

What would you learn in close protection training?

  • Understand the legislation that is relevant to people working in the close protection industry.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
  • Know the importance of threat assessment and risk management
  • Know Surveillance techniques
  • Understand venue security operations
  • Know how to design and demonstrate operational planning
  • Know the importance of interpersonal skills
  • Know the importance of teamwork
  • Know the importance of reconnaissance
  • Know how to conduct close protection foot drills
  • Know the importance of planning and selecting routes
  • Know vehicle movement tactics and operations
  • Know the search techniques and procedures for close protection operations
  • Know how to apply conflict management techniques while providing close protection
Unit 1:
  • 7.1 Carry out basic search techniques for people, vehicles and property
  • 7.2 Carry out a room search
  • 7.3 Complete a reconnaissance activity
  • 7.4 Use basic surveillance, anti-surveillance and counter surveillance techniques
  • 7.5 Use basic negotiation skills

Unit 2

  • 8.1 Conduct a team briefing, handover and debrief
  • 8.2 Complete a threat and risk assessment using a decision making model
  • 8.3 Develop an operational plan
  • 8.4 Produce primary and secondary route plans using paper based and technology based resources
  • 8.5 Implement an operational plan
  • 9.1 Use a flexible approach to protection while on foot
  • 9.2 Use a range of communication techniques while on foot
  • 9.3 Carry out body protection of a principal
  • 6.4 Carry out extraction of a principal while on foot
  • 9.5 Carry out embus and debus techniques
  • 9.6 Manage an incident during a close protection operation

First Aid requirement for the Close Protection Training

It is an SIA requirement that centres must confirm that each learner has a valid first aid qualification OR can evidence sufficient training or experience to the:

  • Level of the First Person on Scene (FPOS) Intermediate Award – 30 hours (Pearson / IHCD) or
  • Level 3 Award in First Aid Response (HABC) or equivalent.
  • Level 3 First aid at work award (QCF)

If you have a Valid First aid at work Qualification

If you have your qualification you do not need to do the first aid qualification again, but you would be required to produce evidence on the first day of the training.

If you have dont have a Valid First aid at work Qualification

If you do not have the qualification, we would arrange the Level 3 first aid at work course for you at a price of £150 for 3 days. You have the option to do it with us or any other training provider.

FPOSI First Person on Scene

If you do not have the qualification, we would arrange the FPOS qualification for you which is for 5 days.

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